Servicing New Bern and surrounding areas.


If you are in need of professional commercial content for your busines, I've got you covered. I will coordinate, shoot, edit, and deliver a quality video for you to use and promote your business/brand as you see fit--sponsor your ad on Facebook, embed the video on your website, or simply post it on Instagram.

If you intend to purchase airtime through a local network (broadcast), I can accomodate that as well. I will format your video appropriately and ensure that the product meets all of the broacast standards and specifications for the network.


Snappy, short-form ads designed to showcase your product and get people talking about your brand.


Sure, photos are great. But adding a video to your listing can generate even more interest and engage prospective buyers/renters. The average user spends about 88% more time on a website that uses video, thereby retaining more information--a rate of approximately 95%, compared to 10% when scrolling through still images and reading text. When executed properly an elegant, cinematic listing video will take the viewer on an immersive journey and appeal to them on a personal level.

If you are a realtor, a homeowner, or you manage vacation rental properties, feel free to contact me. Let's talk!

***This service is especially useful for higher-end properties and vacation rentals.


Music videos for solo artists, bands, and other local acts


Lifestyle, fitness, sports-related content & highlight reels, recruiting videos, corporate--training & talking head/interviews


Fellow filmmakers! If you are in need of of a DP, Gaffer, or Grip for your next short film or commercial project, I can help.

My background is in narrative short films, and I love making movies. I have written and self-produced a few shorts, completely solo. Additionally, I have quite a bit of experience working on set. I am very comfortable with the long hours, language, and tempo of filmmaking. I have worked on a number of independent, low/no-budget productions around the state, filling different roles in various departments. Where I really shine is in the grip, lighting, and camera departments. I have developed an ever-increasing passion for lighting and cinematography over the years, and I have made it my personal mission to learn every aspect of the filmmaking process.

I have a fairly decent G&E package that comes in quite handy on smaller productions, as well as camera gear.

Feel free to call or email if you would like to chat. I can provide a resume, as well as a comprehensive list of equipment that I own.